As a wedding photographer Mark applies his photojournalistic style with his experience in directing, to create beautifully styled and creative wedding photographs. This is especially important when it comes to wedding photography as moments are captured in real time and people are stirred through emotion to create beautiful moments which can be captured and celebrated for a lifetime.


Mark has sharpened his skill over the past 10 years. He has worked closely with hundreds of brides and grooms across almost all religious and cultural group’s. Whether its a South African couple who have been living abroad for the past ten years, a local South African community celebrating the coming together of two people in love, or foreigners who elope in our spectacular country; Mark has been a part of it all and effortlessly blends in to find and capture those uniquely beautiful moments which make each wedding a story unto itself.


Modern wedding photography is a heady blend of rock and roll meets hipster, classic style flirts with contemporary flair and the rules of tradition no longer dictate the décor, music and order of events. Couples walk to the beat of their own drum, men wear open collars and pop songs replace wedding marches. From beach weddings with backdrops of white sand and turquoise waters; enchanted unions in lush green forests laced with bunting; wine farm celebrations that reflect the finest of South Africa’s beauty.


Mark and his team combine their experience, knowledge and skill to capture and create true moments which exude passion, emotion, charm and beauty.



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