Some basic info about me as a wedding and commercial photographer.

Mark is wedding photographer who combines emotion, lighting and composition along with the unique personalities of his clients to create lasting imagery; which resonates with who they are.


His experience and knowledge of wedding photography is especially critical because it is a one shot deal, where moments are captured in real time and people are stirred to create beautiful moments which can be captured and celebrated for a lifetime.

Modern wedding photography is far removed from the staid, contrived and overly-posed stereotype of decades gone by. It is a heady blend of rock and roll meets hipster, classic style flirts with contemporary flair and the rules of tradition no longer dictate the décor, music and order of events. Men wear colourful socks and open collars, children born pre-matrimony skip down the aisle with their mothers and pop songs replace wedding marches.


Man it is cool to photograph beyond 2000! There are no holds barred and couples are not scared to walk to the beat of their own drum. That being said, it is still a beautiful thing to witness a traditional wedding that exudes elegance and charm. From beach weddings with backdrops of white sand and turquoise waters; enchanted unions in lush green forests laced with bunting; wine farm celebrations that belt out 80’s classics till 2am; Mark is a sucker for beautiful scenery and locations and even more so for a job well done.


As a wedding photographer Mark has sharpened his skill over the past 8 years. He has worked closely with hundreds of brides and grooms across almost all religious and cultural group’s. Whether its a South African couple who have been living abroad for the past ten years, a local South African community celebrating the coming together of two people in love, or foreigners who elope in our spectacular country; Mark has been a part of it all and effortlessly blends in to find and capture those uniquely beautiful moments which make each wedding a story unto itself.


Modern technology has played a significant role in the realm wedding photography over the past 12 years. The sky is the limit as to where it can continue to grow in creativity. The digital wedding photography expeience means we can capture almost all those moments under varied light conditions. Modern camera equipment such as the Canon 5D Mark 3, are instrumental in delivering those memories with the “wow” factor. In addition, the social and modern media revolution have provided a phenomenal platform from which images can be shared and transferred around the world. If the wedding is in Cape Town, the couple lives in Hong Kong, or parents live in Durban or London, everyone has the opportunity to view images on a secure medium and share in the memory of the beautiful day.


Modern technology is only 30% of the wedding photography experience. The rest is in the hands of “THE EYE”. I often laugh when people refer to “THE EYE” because it is almost impossible to define. Modern wedding photography comes down to direction (working with people), timing (relationship between photographer, camera and subject), and the environment (light, setting and weather) – then combining all these elements with the subject, to create the image at that specific point in time. This makes modern wedding photography a skill unto itself. Unlike fashion and commercial photography where we work with experienced models, perfectly sculpted light and hours at our disposal to create a single shot. Wedding photographers have to be technically skilful and confident in their decision-making when following the light and captivate audiences in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.


If you are looking for a photographer that understands all these elements; applies his experience, talent and knowledge to his craft and has an insane passion for what he does, then look no further.

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