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Mark is well known for his portrait and commercial photography. His knowledge of how light interacts with the human body creates depth, contrast and sharpness in his images which is key when creating media viewed by a broad audience. As a marketing graduate Mark has a keen understanding of how businesses approach their media message. Ranging from traditional to alternative, commercial photography permeates almost all aspect of our lives and communicates to various audiences and target markets.

Headshots are usually photographed in a studio. This allows for greater control over lighting, and natural elements. Natural makeup and neutral colors are a good starting point, with the focus being on the subject. Excessive color can distract from the subject, but if the personality allows for more creative interpretation there is room to add layers which compliment the subject.

Models, actors and media personalities such as radio DJ’s and presenters are usually experienced and relaxed in front of an audience. This is a great help when creating their headshots. As a photographer I enjoy working with artistes, as they add their interpretation. I compliment their personality through my knowledge of light and technical ability with the camera. It’s great to know these headshots are in use through their digital and printed media.

Corporate headshots are slightly more challenging. But its a great opportunity to build a positive experience. Most people looking for a corporate headshot don’t have the experience in front of studio lights or a professional camera. Providing a clear  reason and concept of the finished product when working with corporate clients builds confidence. These headshots are typically used for magazine articles, corporate correspondence, blogs, social media, websites, etc.